Shuffle up and www.deal.POKER ?


When new Top Level Domains (TLD) are introduced next year, you will surely see web addresses like ‘www.online.POKER’, ‘www.texasholdem.POKER’ or ‘www.worldseriesof.POKER’ popping up on the internet.

New Poker Top Level Domain to be Launched

A Top Level Domain (TLD) is the set of letters that come after the dot in a web address. For example, in ‘www.google.com’ , ‘.COM‘ is the TLD.

Up until now, there has been very few TLD options you could choose from when buying a domain name. There is the omnipresent ‘.COM’,. Also there is ‘.NET’ , ‘.INFO’ and few others. Additionally you can find country TLD’s like ‘.DE’ , for Germany.

Things are about to change , in a BIG way

ICANN , (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) , the official governing body of the world wide web, is moving forward with plans to introduce new TTLD’s to the internet on a wide scale. ICANN expects to introduce hundreds of new TLD’s over the next couple of years. The internet will never be the same. Soon, you will see all types of TLD’s going live online. There will be www.diapers.BABY, www.jeans.SHOP. It is a sure bet you will seewww.TexasHoldem.POKER .

Why would anyone want to own a .POKER domain name?

Good Investment – Poker Domain names have resold for a lot of money. ‘poker.org’ for $1,000,000!
Poker Marketing – .POKER names will be good for SEO and Branding !
Personal, or Community Poker Site – how about ‘yourname.POKER’
When will they become available?
Probably sometime in 2012 – ICANN projected timeline


Poker is big business online. There are loads of different poker websites dedicated to the game. These range from promoting real life tournaments and games to explaining the rules of the many times that exist – such as Texas Hold ‘Em, Five Card Draw, Seven Card Stud, Omaha and Caribbean Stud Poker – to online poker sites where users can play the game. These sites also contain massive variation from free games based on points to more serious sites where large sums of money are bet, won and lost every minute of every day.

With so many poker sites based in countries all over the world, the existing poker domain names are rapidly getting used up and so are getting longer, more complicated and it’s a massive battle for companies to appear near the top of search engine results. This is why dedicated poker websites of all kinds could benefit from the new dot POKER top level domain. The purpose of the new TLD is to make it obvious the sort of content that appears in the website and the sort of company that runs it. It also benefits in terms of search engine results as, if someone searches for ‘online poker’, web domain name ending in dot POKER will be prioritized over .com, .co.uk and so on. This helps to make content more specific and for websites to more easily market their services as well as maximizing their profitable traffic.

So, unlike in poker, which is a game of skill, luck, audacity and (often) big bucks, in the case of the new TLD dot POKER, everyone wins.

There are a lot of poker websites out there on the Internet. It seems like a lot people are looking for websites to play poker so that they can win money, or they are looking for websites that give them tips on playing poker so that they are able to win when they play it offline. But how do you find these poker websites amongst all of those out there? We know that people are looking, and that is why we are thinking about starting a .poker top level domain.

Imagine being one of the new websites of this new domain that will allow you to be a part of something revolutionary that will give you an edge over the other poker websites. You will be able to choose the domain name that you want because they won’t be all taken like they are on other domains. You have more choices, you will be a frontrunner in the newest top level domain, and you will find that you are getting more visitors.

With a .poker website, people will know beyond a doubt that you are a poker website and that everything is related to poker. Too many other websites that lead visitors to believe that they have to do with poker, if you have a .poker website, your visitors will know that your website is one that they are looking for.

Whether your website is one that allows people to play poker on it or you are offering tips on how to win poker, you will discover more visitors to your website with a .poker top level domain.